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My Picture & Info Policy

Picture Policy:

        I do not claim ownership of any pictures on this site (unless otherwise noted). They are all copyrighted by their respective owner(s). They are being used only in hopes of introducing/informing others to their owner's work.

        The pictures on this site were gathered from the web, scanned by the webmistress, screencapped by the webmistress, or, in some cases, created by the webmistress. For specific credits see the Credits page. You are free to use any of the images found on this site, within reason. (Please ask before taking pictures that were obviously created by me, for this site, eg. the Turtle Count turtle).

        If you find one of your pictures on my site and you don't want it there, then send me an e-mail at:

        If a picture does not work, try reloading the site or right clicking and pressing "SHOW PICTURE," if it still doesn't work, then please E-mail me and tell me, so that I can fix it.

Information Policy:

        The information found on this site is used only to introduce/inform others to the owner's stories/work.

        You are free to use the information on my site. I ask only that you do not copy it word for word. It does not count if you change a word here or there. Please give credit where credit is due. If you copy anything (from a website, or book, or even from someone's conversation) and claim it as your own work, that's called plagerism. I do not mind if you use the information (since I do NOT claim any part of the Sailor Moon story), just please write it in your own words. I would like to keep my website as original as possible.

        Proper credit for information/images taken from my site or any other source would be either of the following: 1) labeling the source on the page the info is displayed on, or 2) listing the source on a Credits, Works Cited, or Bibliography page.

Such cites should be done in one of the following formats or something similar [Check the source for further directions]:

Some information and/or images were taken from WEBSITE TITLE at


Author's Last Name, First Name. Website/Book Title. City of Publication: Publisher. Copyright/Publication Date. Pages Used. [Clarification of source].

At the very least, it is polite to link a site from which you took information and/or pictures.


Works Cited

The following is a list of places where I have taken information and/or pictures. For a more complete list please check out my Links page.

Credits Page For specific image/information credits.

Pretty Guardian SailorMoon. Prod. Toei Animation Co., LTD. CBC. Japan. 2003-2004. [Live-Action series]

Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon. Prod. Toei Animation Co., LTD. TV Asahi. Japan. 1992-etc. [Japanese Anime Series, television/movies]

Takeuchi, Naoko. Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon. Tokyo, Japan: Kodansha LTD. 1992-etc. [Japanese Manga Vols. 1-18, Revised Manga Vols. 1-18, Artbooks etc.]

少女戦士セーラームーン (c)武内直子/PNP・CBC・CAZBE・東映AG・dentsu・東映 2003-2004
Pretty Guardian Sailormoon is (c) Copyright Takeuchi Naoko / PNP - CBC - CAZBE - ToeiAG - dentsu - Toei

I would also like to thank the following companies/people, for making Pretty Guardian Sailormoon possible:

Naoko Takeuchi
Toei Co. Ltd., Toei Agency, CAZBE, Kodansha Ltd., Bandai, Chubu Nippon Broadcasting System (CBC), Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), Dentsu.