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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: News

September 14, 2003 :: Queen Beryl Actress Chosen - Sugimoto Aya

Queen BerylIn the live-action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Queen Beryl will be played by Sugimoto Aya. You can see an article about Aya as Beryl at the SponichiAnnex. Sugimoto Aya

September 14, 2003 :: Two PGSM Promos Released

There are two Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Commercials that have been released. The first one has Luna narrating while pictures of Sailor Moon falsh across the screen. The second commercial shows the five Sailor Senshi dressed up in their Sailor costumes posing as a group. Then the commercial shows them individualy in their everday forms (note that they have black hair in their human forms). Both commercials end with the date and time of the premier episode (Saturday October 4, 2003 at 7:30 AM on Japanese station TBS). Due to space limitations, I can't post the commercials here, but you can e-mail me a request and I will send you a copy. You can also find the first and second commercials at

[Aya Sugimoto links and 2nd PGSM commercial link from post by "Sora-chan" at, 9/14/03. First PGSM Commercial News/Link from post by "Serenity Hime" at, 9/12/03 and from Genvid Article, 9/12/03.]