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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: News

September 07, 2003 :: Manga to be Re-released

The Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Manga is going to be re-released to go along with the new live action series. The Manga will be re-released in 12 "deluxe" editions with new cover art (by Takeuchi Naoko). The manga drawings will be retouched, there will be new colored pages, and the volumes will have a new format (obviously, if the series will be re-leased in only 12 editions, since the original was 18 volumes). Also, the first edition copies will have stickers. Books 1 (with Sailor Moon on the cover) and 2 (with Sailor Mercury on the cover) will be released on September 22, 2003. Following the first 2 books, each addition book will be released one a month starting in October. See the Official Announcement. You can purchase the new Manga volumes when they are released from Amazon Japan: Vol. 1 (ISBN: 4063347761), Vol. 2 (ISBN: 406334777X). They are being sold for 429 yen each (about $4 US) [Translation from Sailor Moon Uncensored Forums, Himawari's post, Sept. 2, 2003; Amazon Japan Link from newsgroup post by Julian, Sept 7, 2003;]

September 07, 2003 :: Senshi's Items

In the close up pictures of the individual Senshi on the Official Site, you can see that the Four Guardian Senshi (Mars, Mercury, Venus, & Jupiter) are all wearing wrist-watches on their left arms. According to Bandai's Gachapon Magazine, the wrist-watches are the Four Guardian Senshi's transformation items. Also, the magazine reveals that the Senshi will be communicating through Cell Phones. (Magazine notes that these items may change in the future, when the series is released). [Information from Sailor Moon Uncensored Forums, Himawari's post, Aug. 26, 2003]

September 07, 2003 :: Characters' Hair to Remain Natural in Human Form

It also appears that the Senshi (at least Usagi) will have regular black hair in the human forms (they will then changed to the colored wigs for their Senshi form). You can see a picture of the live action Usagi with black hair here: Artical. Other images, such as one from the Tokyo Shinbun paper also show the black-haired Usagi. [For more information/artical translations and pictures, check out Sailor Moon Uncensored Forums, Himawari's post, Aug. 20, 2003; and Sept. 5 Artical.]