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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: News

August 28, 2003 :: Official CBC PGSM Site Updated

CBC has updated its Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon page with new information and photos. The first link on the right side of CBC's page links to the backgroud "story" of the new Live Action series, that will air this fall in Japan.

CBC reveals the plot of the live action series: The "Dark Kingdom," the villains of the show, aim to capture the Silver Crystal. Tsukino Usagi, second year student (8th grade) at Juuban Middle School, meets the talking stuffed cat, Luna, who informs Usagi of her secret identity as Sailor Moon. The story line seems to be following close to that of the Anime and Manga, as the cry-baby Usagi still joins up with the other Senshi (Mars, Jupiter, Venus, & Mercury) and Tuxedo Kamen still rescues the Senshi when they're in trouble. CBC also mentions that the live action Usagi enjoys singing Karaoke.

The second link on CBC's page is "Production Announcement," that talks about the press conference that was held on July 31, 2003. The top image shows the five actresses that will be playing the Sailor Senshi posing with Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon author, Takeuchi Naoko. The next image is of Takeuchi Naoko. (The writing on the image says the following: "gensaku * Takeuchi Naoko". gensaku means "original work," so the picture's caption tells that she is the author of the original story.) The following image is that of the show's producer. (The writing on his image says: "Producer Okazaki Takeshi (CBC)"). The last image is of the show's supervisor. (The writing on his image says "Supervisor * Tasaki Ryuuta")

The final link of CBC's page leads to the "Cast" page. (See Aug. 7, 2003 article for information about the cast).

August 28, 2003 :: Bandai to Release PGSM Toys

In a related new story, Bandai has released several new Sailormoon toys for the Live Action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. You can see images of them at this website: Atamaii Anime Toys.

News information from Omar Odeh's Post (Aug. 28, 2003) who credits Marty of Solar Miracle. Also information from Atamaii Anime Toys and CBC.