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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: News

May 19, 2004 :: Special Live Event

Special Live Event         On May 2, 2004 (at 3 pm) in Japan, a special live event was held for the 1000 winners of the Sailormoon Campaign Contest. The winners were able to see a performance by the five senshi, Sailorluna, the shitennou and Tuxedo Kamen. The show, which lasted approx. 90 minutes, included songs performed by the actors and short skits.

        The "Sailormoon Campaign" contest began February 15, 2004 and ran until May 14, 2004. To enter the contest, contestants had to submit proof of purchase of a Sailormoon item along with a post card entry to Bandai. The prizes for the contest were seperated into two categories, "Moon Prize" and "Princess Prize." The "Moon Prize" A was for 10 people to see a program performance. Moon Prize B was for 1000 people to attend the special live performance. The Princess Prize A was for 10 prizes of a talking Luna doll. Princess Prize B was a Princess Tiara Ring for 1000 people.

        The show began with a dance mix version of "Kirari*Sailor Dream" and the Sailor Senshi dancing. For this opening song, only the silhouttes of the senshi could be seen. Next was a small skit with Usagi and the other girls. Then another musical number, with the girls dancing to "C'est la Vie." Rei (Kitagawa) and Ami (Hama) then performed "Sakura Fubuki" together. Usagi (Sawai) and Makoto (Azama) then performed "Here we Go!" while wearing shinny leather outfits. Minako (Komatsu), Rei (Kitagawa), and Makoto (Azama) then performed "Katagoshi ni Kinsei." The next song, "Romance," was performed by Minako (Komatsu), Ami (Hama), and Usagi (Sawai). The girls performed the same dance that Minako did to the song in Act 30. Next was the skit "Tuxedo Kamen vs. the Shitennou". Following the drama, SailorLuna (Koike Rina) performed "Sweet Little Resistance." Children dressed as senshi and waving Sailor Star Tambourines danced with her. Jadeite then appears and kidnaps Luna. Sae sings "Kirari*Sailor Dream" before the girls appear and transform into Senshi. The senshi then battle the Shitennou in the skit "The Sailor Senshi vs. the Shitennou." The Senshi defeat the Shitennou with Moonlight Attractive Attack. The Senshi then sing "Friend." The one hour show ends with all the actors (the senshi, Luna, Tuxedo Kamen, the Shitennou, and Sae) performing "Kirari*Sailor Dream."

        The Special Live performance will be released on DVD on August 27, 2004. See Toei for pictures and more information.