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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: News

April 28, 2004 :: Autograph Session

        On May 5, 2004 in Japan, Sawai Miyuu and Komatsu Ayaka will be at an autograph session promoting the new PGSM Visual Book. The two actresses will be at Shosen Bookmart that Wednesday at 4:30 PM. The session will be held on the second floor.
        Also on May 5, 2004 at noon, Kitagawa Keiko and Azama Myuu will be appearing at a similar event. It will be held at the Ikebukuro Asahi Book Store.
        Each store is limited to 400 people. Pre-bought tickets are currently sold out.
        The Visual Book is being released by Sony Magazine on April 30, 2004. It is a 112 page collection of color photos of the actresses.

Quote from Shosen:
沢井 美優さん・小松 彩夏さん 握手会
開催日:5月5日(水・祝日) 午後4時30分~ (於:書泉ブックマート2階)

写真集 『 美少女戦士セーラームーン ビジュアルブック 』  
            2,520円税込(本体 2,400円) ソニー・マガジンズ・発売  




"Sawai Miyuu-san and Komatsu Ayaka-san Handshake Meeting
Meeting Day: May 5, 2004 (Wednesday) 4:30 PM (At: Shosen Bookmart, 2nd floor)

April 30, 2004 Sale:
Live-Action "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Visual Book" 2,520 yen with tax (without: 2,400 yen). Sold by Sony Magazine

Ticket Distribution: Capacity has been filled, distribution has ended. Thank You.

*Pass by sign upon entering photograph meet.
*Photographs and videos are prohibited "

Quote from Sony Magazine:

日時 5月5日(水)12:00~
場所 池袋・旭屋書店
出演 北川景子さん&安座間美優さん
お問い合わせ 03-3986-0311(旭屋書店)

日時 5月5日(水)16:30~
場所 神保町・書泉ブックマート
出演 沢井美優さん&小松彩夏さん
お問い合わせ 03-3294-0011(書泉ブックマート)




"Visual Book Sale Commemoration Event Schedule!

Day & Time: May 5 (Wednesday) 12:00
Place: The Ikebukuro Asahi Book Store
Appearing: Kitagawa Keiko & Azama Myuu
Inquiry: 03-3986-0311 (Asahi Book Store)

Day & Time: May 5 (Wednesday) 16:30
Place: Shosen Bookmart
Appearing: Sawai Miyuu & Komatsu Ayaka
Inquiry: 03-3294-0011 (Shosen Bookmart)

Book signing & handshaking
*No cameras allowed

Participation Method:
Each store will be distributing pre-event tickets
Each store is limited to 400 tickets

Pre-event ticket sale has ended.

In somewhat related news, Kawabe Cheiko will be be appearing on May 8, 2004 for a live autograph signing of her own. This will take place in Osaka and Nagoya.