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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: News

October 06, 2003 :: The PGSM Soundtrack CD

[Special Note: Japanese text encoding required to view portions of this article]

The Pretty Guardian Sailormoon CD will be released on November 19, 2003 in Japan. The CD, entitled きらり☆セーラードリーム ("Kirari*Sailor Dream"), will include two songs from the new live-action series:

1) キラリ☆セーラードリーム! ("Kirari*Sailor Dream")
2) C'est La Vie - 私のなかの恋する部分 ("C'est La Vie - Watashi no naka no koi suru bu bun")
3) Karaoke Version of "Kirari*Sailor Dream"
4) Karaoke Version of "C'est La Vie"

        The first song, "Kirari*Sailor Dream," is the opening title song of the series, and "C'est La Vie" was played throughout the first episode. (An interesting note, "C'est La Vie" sounds like "Sailor V," and Minako plays a music idol in the PGSM series).
        The CD can be purchased at here (ASIN: B0000DJW7C) for 1,200 yen, which is approx. $10.66 US. However, if you want to ship it to the US, plan on paying at least 900 yen or $8.00 US for shipping and export taxes.

October 06, 2003 :: Official PGSM Sites Updated

Toei now has an official Pretty Guardian Sailormoon website at Fly Me to the Sailormoon. Toei's site includes snapshots from the production of the series. In addition, the other official websites, CBC and Sailormoon Channel have also updated their sites. The Sailormoon Channel has added pictures and a summary for "Act 1" (the first episode of PGSM, second link on their menu) and a "Story List" that lists the episodes (4th link on their menu). CBC has updated their page with a preview of episode 2 (2nd link on their menu) and added new diary entries for the month of October (4th link on their menu).

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