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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: News

October 03, 2003 :: The New Manga

        The first two volumes of the revised Manga were released in Japan on September 22, 2003. The Manga, re-titled Pretty Guardian Sailormoon to coincide with the premier of the new live-action series of the same title, has serveral new features.

Revised Manga Vol. 1 Cover
Volume 1:
        First off, the covers have been re-drawn. Volume 1 features a drawing of Sailormoon with a "1" in the upper left hand corner, "Naoko Takeuchi" written down the upper right side, and the title in raised letters. The back cover has a picture of Sailormoon next to a crescent moon. The inside flap has "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon" written down the side, along with a picture of Sailormoon with solid circle-eyes. The other flap has a small biography of Takeuchi Naoko. Over the top of the first editions is a small removable wrap-around pink ad for the new live action series (it features Sawai Miyuu dressed as Sailormoon and an ad for Sailormoon cups).
        Inside the Manga is a sheet of stickers. There is a sticker for each of the 10 senshi, one for Luna, a Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Name-Logo, a PGSM Logo with Sailormoon, and another sticker of Sailormoon (the same picture as is on the back cover).
        Also new in the revised first volume are seperate pages with the following pictures: a colored title page with Sailormoon sitting on a crescent moon, a color picture of Princess Serenity, the first page of the Manga with Ikuko-mama reading the Sailor V article is colored, a two-page color title page for Act 1 with Sailormoon with white hair, and a colored contents with a picture of a Sailormoon.
        Volume 1 contains 6 Acts (the original had 5). The title pages of the each act has new font and the "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon" title logo on it. Also, there are no notes from Naoko. In the space were the notes would go are small pictures of the senshi. Other changes include: in Act 2, Mercury has a CD-ROM rather than a floppy disk, and some of the images (such as Mercury's symbol) have been re-drawn.

Revised Manga Vol. 2 Cover
Volume 2:
        The cover of Vol. 2 features Sailormercury surrounded by bubbles. There is a "2" in the upper right corner, below which is the author's name, "Naoko Takeuchi". The title text ("Pretty Guardian Sailormoon") is raised. The back cover has a picture of Sailormercury next to a blue crescent moon. The inside flap has a small biography of Naoko and the other flap has the words "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon" in blue down the side along with an image of Mercury. The wrap around ad is the same as the first, except it's blue and has a small picture of vol. 2 on it.
        The first page is a sticker page with the following stickers: the title graphic for PGSM, 1 head shot of the human form of each of the 10 Senshi, 3 different face shot of Artemis, 3 of Luna, 6 bunny stickers of varying sizes, and a mirror reflection of Usagi/Sailormoon. The next page is a colored title page with the same picture of Sailormercury as on the cover (without the bubbles). Then there's a color picture of the Usagi, Makoto, Rei, Minako, & Ami sitting on the grass, a title page for Act 7 with the 5 girls with their hair colored (Usagi has pink hair, Ami blue, etc) and a blue contents page with a picture of a small Sailormercury.
        This volume has Acts 7-11 (the original had acts 6-9). Changes include: Naoko's notes are replaced by small images of the Senshi, the title pages have the font changed and the PGSM title logo added, images have been re-drawn (such as the teleportation scene, image of Usagi with a bunny head, and the images of the moon kingdom in Act 10). Also in act 10, instead of pulling the sword from the ground, the senshi pull it from a pedastal and Queen Serenity stands on the pedastal rather than on the ground. The lines around the dialog are smoother. The images of Metallia are softer. Also, in the back of Vol. 2 are additon black & white images. There is the original sketch of the Senshi and a sketch of Usagi/Sailormoon, both of which appear in the Materials Collection Artbook. There are also more original images of Usagi. Also, there is a short two-page comic stip at the end.

October 03, 2003 :: The New Actors & Actresses:

The voice of Luna will be Han Keiko (Birthdate: 4/05/1953) who also did the Anime voice of Luna. Furuhata Motoki will be played by Kikawada Masaya (Birthdate: 6/01/1980) who appeared in the The 326 Internet Movie Jun ("Decade") with Sawai Miyuu (who is playing Sailormoon). Tsukino Shingo will be played by Takeshi Naoki (birthdate: 3/28/1993). And Jadeite will be played by Masuo Jun.

[PGSM update from VANITy's Page and post by Rob Maxwell at newsgroup. (10/3/2003)]