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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: News

9/21/2004, Live Events - Sae & Ayaka

6/28/2004, Super Dance Lesson

6/22/2004, Dear My Friend Mini Live Event

6/13/2004, Kawabe Water Moon DJ

5/19/2004, Live Show

5/14/2004, Autograph Session Update

4/28/2004, Autograph Session

4/09/2004, New Actor to Appear

4/02/2004, Another New Character

3/26/2004, New Senshi Revealed

3/21/2004, New Item - Sailor Luna

3/15/2004, PGSM Updates

3/08/2004, New Actress to Join PGSM

1/18/2004, PGSM to be at least 50 Episodes

12/01/2003, Additional CD Updates

11/08/2003, PGSM Single & Soundtrack CD Updates

10/06/2003, PGSM Soundtrack CD

10/06/2003, Official PGSM Site Updates

10/03/2003, Re-Vamped PGSM Manga

10/03/2003, The New Actors and Actresses

9/24/2003, PGSM "Making-of" Special

9/22/2003, Tsukino Ikuko actress chosen-Moriwaka Koari

9/22/2003, Re-vamped BSSM Manga Released

9/22/2003, Two New Promo Clips

9/22/2003, Official PGSM site updated

9/22/2003, Tsukino Ikuko actress choosen-Moriwaka Koari

9/14/2003, Queen Beryl actress chosen-Sugimoto Aya

9/14/2003, Two PGSM Promos released

9/07/2003, Manga to be re-released

9/07/2003, Senshi's items

9/07/2003, Characters' hair to remain natural in Human Form

8/28/2003, Official CBC PGSM site updated

8/28/2003, Bandai to release PGSM toys

8/18/2003, Osaka Naru actress chosen-Kawabe Chieko

8/09/2003, Tuxedo Kamen actor chosen-Shibue Jyoji

8/09/2003, Luna to be a "Stuffed" cat

8/07/2003, New Sailor Moon Series to Air