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Multimedia: Animated GIFs

Opening Credits
Opening sequence of the live action. Credits role over clips of the actors and scenes from the show.

Sailormoon Transforms
Usagi transforms into Sailormoon using her brooch and lipstick.

Sailormercury Transforms
Ami transforms into Sailormercury.

Sailormars Transforms
Rei transforms into Sailormars.

Sailorjupiter Transforms
Makoto transforms into Sailorjupiter

Sailorvenus Transforms
Minako transforms into Sailorvenus

Evil Sailormercury Transforms
Ami transforms into the evil version of Sailormercury

Moon Healing Escalation
Sailormoon uses the Moon Healing Escalation attack.

Moon Twilight Flash
Sailormoon uses the Moon Twilight Flash attack.

Moonlight Attractive Attack
The five Sailor Senshi come together to use the Moonlight Attractive Attack with their tambourines.

Short Act 28 Openening Credits
A shortened version of the opening credits that appeared in Act 28.

Act 35 Minako's Concert
Minako, the idol singer, performs her song at a concert in Act 35.

Act 36 Princess Moon Transformation
Sailormoon transforms into Princess Moon in Act 36

Act 36 Princess Moon Attack
Princess Moon blocks Beryl's Attack in Act 36.

Tuxedo Mask Transforms (Act 0)
Mamoru transforms into Tuxedo Mask in the Act 0 special.