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How to Use IRC :: Part 7


BAN: A ban is when you are no longer allowed in a channel or on a serve. Generally, a message should appear explaining why you have been banned.
BITTORRENT/BT/TORRENT: A type of P2P file sharing that requires you to upload your file to others while downloading from them.
BURNING: Usually refers to burning/copying a CD or DVD.
CHANNEL: This is what "chat rooms" in IRC are called. All channels begin with "#". An example channel is "#pgsm".
FSERVE: This is one type of server that files are hosted on.
FTP: Acronym for "File Transfer Protocol." Usually refers to an FTP server from which you can directly download or upload files to another person or server.
KICK: A kick is like a warning. You are removed from the channel, but can return. This usually happens if you violate a rule. Multiple kicks may result in a ban.
LEECH: Someone who is downloading files.
LMAO: Acronym for "Laughing My A** Off"
LOL: Acronym for "Laughing Out Loud"
OP: Short for operator. These are the people in charge of the channel. They have the right to ban or kick you. Their status is indicated by an "@" next to their name in mIRC and SysReset.
P2P: "People to People." Refers to programs that allow you to upload or download directly to others.
PEER: Often refering to Bittorrent. A peer is another person who is in the same situation as you, such as downloading a file.
PING: This is when your computer's/ISP's response time is tested. A normal ping is 0 secs.
PING? PONG!: This is when the server is automatically checking to make sure you are still connected and your connection hasn't dropped.
QUEUE: This is a line in which you wait for a file.
ROFL/ROTFL: Acronym for "Rolling On [The] Floor Laughing
SEED: Usually refers to Bittorrent. A seed is a person with the entire file who is only uploading (not downloading) to others.
SERVER: Every channel is located on a server. An example server is "mIRC-X".
TDCC: This is one type of server files are hosted on.
TRIGGER: This is a word or phrase that, when typed into the channel, will allow you to access a serve or download a file.
VOICE: This is generally a status for people who are serving files, but is also awarded by Ops if they feel like it. It is indicated by a "+" next to the nick in mIRC and SysReset.
w00t: "Net Speak" to indicate happiness
XDCC: This is one type of server files are hosted on.
T_T or T.T or T-T Text "face" that indicates crying or sadness.
^_^ Text "face" that indicates happiness. Usually associated with Anime.
;_; or ;-; Text "face" that indicates crying.
U_U Text "face" that indicates sadness. Usually associated with Anime.
>.< Text "face" that indicates anger or frustration.

This is the end of the guide. You may return to the beginning: IRC Guide.

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