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How to Use IRC :: Part 5


NOTE: The following directions are written for Sysreset (you cannot serve using mIRC). It is suggested that you download that program.

Should You Serve?:
1) Most channels encouage others to share their files. You may even become "voiced" (get a "+" next to your name) if you do so. It is best to check with one of the channel ops (the people with the "@" next to their nick) or to read the channel rules before serving. Make sure you follow all the rules in a channel.
2) What type of connection do you have? If you have a broadband connection, such as DSL or Cable than serving will be easier. If you have dial-up, you may still serve, but it will be difficult to transfer large files. Also, check your ISP TOS to ensure that you wont get in trouble for using large amounts of uploading bandwidth.
3) Do you have files to share? This is a very important part of file sharing. Make sure you have files that you are willing to send to others.

Server Config

Setting Up Your Fserve:
1) In Sysreset, go to the "SysReset" menu, then "File Server Manager." Select the "Server Config" tab.
2) Under the "File Server Control" header: you can enable "Ad Delay (min)". The number of minutes you put here will be how often the ad for your server is shown in the channel. I suggest choosing 180 minutes or not enabling it at all. "Max Users" is the total number of people who can look through your fserve at once. I suggest 5, otherwise, your system may slow down or you may loose your connection.
3) Under "File Server Ad Message" you can put the text that people will see when they use "!list" or when your ad displays in the channel. This should describe the types of files that are in your serve, but should be as short as possible.
4) On the right, under "Max Sends" you can indicate the number of files you would like to send at once. "Each" is the number of files that one person can download at the same time. Set "Each" to 1. "Total" is the total number of sends. If you have an upload of 20 k/s or less I suggest putting the "Total" as 1. If you have a large upload rate, put it at a higher number. (2 or 3).
5) Also on the right is "Max Queues". "Each" is how many files one person can sign up to get at a time. I suggest a number between 3 and 10. "Total" is the total number of slots for which people can queue files. I suggest at least 100.
6) On the right is "ReSend Control". If the file you are sending stops for some reason you can automatically have it re-sent. I suggest putting either 1 or 2 for the number of "ReSend Attempts" and checking off "Send."

Server Triggers

7) Select the "File Server Triggers" from the tabs. Here you will set up your trigger.
8) On the left, under "Fserve Trigger List" click "Add". A box will come up. Enter the text you want for your trigger (such as "!Pictures"). Click "OK." Then, on the next window (which asks for a "Welcome File") hit "Cancel."
9) The next option that comes up is to choose the folder you want to share. Please choose wisely. Remember, everyone will have access to any file in the folder you choose and to any folder that is in that folder. This means, do NOT choose a folder like "C:\" (your harddrive) or even "My Documents." Make a separate folder for shared files. After selecting a folder, hit "OK."
10) Click on the trigger you have just created. It should be high-lighted. In the middle column, under "Settings," choose "Enabled" and "/CTCP Trigger." In that same column, under "File Server Global" select "Respond to !List". In the right hand column, un-select "All Channels." Then, in the "Trigger Channels" box add the channels you wish to share files in.
11) Select "DONE" at the bottom of the "File Server Manager" window.

Server Config

12) Now you need to turn on your server. Go to: "SysReset," "Servers Active," and select "On." The "Silent with !list" option will turn your server on, but turn your ads off. (people will only see your ad when they type "!list").

Advanced Options

Changing Your Fserve Options:
1) For all of these directions, you need to go to: "SysReset," "File Server Manager," and click the "Server Config" tab. On the right, select "Advanced Options" from the drop-down Menu.
2) If you have Firewall or a router and have not opened all the correct ports, then you must use the firewall work-around. Note that anyone else with firewall or someone who can't use DCC (what mIRC uses) will not be able to access your files. You should add that you have firewall to your ad. On the "Advance Options" screen, go to the left column. Under "Advanced FileServer" select "Firewall Workaround." The default port is "59." Click "DONE."
3) To change the colors of your ad: on the "Advanced Options" screen, go to the left column. Under "Color Configuration" select the colors you want. Click "DONE."

*Note: you wont be able to see yourself with "!list." However, you will be able to see your timed ad. You can also force-ad by right clicking on the channel and selecting "Force Advertize" and "Fserve."
*To learn what each of the options in the "File Server Manager" does, go to: "Help," "Help Files," "Sysreset.hlp." Under "File Server Manager" select "Transfer Manager." You will now see an image of the manager. You can click the tabs and click buttons to see watch each does.

After setting up your server, you may move on to: Step 6: Useful Commands.

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