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How to Use IRC :: Part 6


Nickname Commands:
/nick nicknameThis will change your nickname, where "nickname" is the new nick you want.
/msg nickserv help commands This will list all the commands that you can use with you nickname.
/msg NickServ register password e-mailThis will register your nickname, so no one else can take it and you can control your nick with other commands. "Password" is the password you choose and "e-mail" is your e-mail address. You must do this from the nick you want to register.
/msg NickServ GROUP MainNick passwordThis will link another name to your current registration. It is like registering another nick, but easier. You must do this from from the name you want to add.
/msg NickServ ghost nickname passwordIf you are disconnected, but your nick is still in the channel, you can use this to remove it. "Nickname" is the nick you want to remove, and "Password" is your password from registering your nick.

Channel Commands:
/join #channelThis will allow you to join another channel, where "channel" is the name of the channel.
/part #channelThis will let you leave a channel
/quit message_optionalThis will disconnect you from the server. You may enter a message that will appear to the other people in the channels you are leaving. Such as "/quit I'm going to Sleep".
/away message_optionalThis will mark you as away and informa anyone who PMs you that you are away. You may also enter a reason.
/listThis will list all the puplic channels on a server

Other Commands:
/me says stuffThis allows you to display an action. For example, "/me says stuff" will display "*Nickname says stuff" in the channel.
/MSG nickname messageThis will send a PM to "nickname", where "message" is what you want to say.
Ctrl+KThis will allow you to change the colors of your text. (Colors are numbers 0 to 15)
Ctrl+BThis will bold your text.
Ctrl+UThis will underline your text.
Ctrl+RThis will reverse your text, or switch the background and font colors.

You may move on to: Step 7: Important Terms.

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