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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon :: Buying Guide

This section contains descriptions of Pretty Guardian Sailormoon products and directions on how to purchase them.

Product Release Schedule
Amazon Japan Guide

Kirari*Sailor Dream Single
DJMoon Album
DJMoon Album 2
DJMoon Album 3
Koro-chan Pack
Koro-chan Pack 2
Koro-chan Pack 3
Dear My Friend
Moonlight Real Girl CD-Box
Complete Song Collection
Canceled OST

Character Singles
*Sailormoon Single
*Sailormars Single
*Sailorvenus Single
*Sailormercury Single
*Sailorjupiter Single

DVD Vol. 1
DVD Vol. 2
DVD Vol. 3
DVD Vol. 4
DVD Vol. 5
DVD Vol. 6
DVD Vol. 7
DVD Vol. 8
DVD Vol. 9
DVD Vol. 10
DVD Vol. 11
DVD Vol. 12
DVD Kirari Super Live
Super Dance Lesson
DVD The Special Act
DVD Act Zero

PGSM Items:
PGSM 2004 Calendar
CarddasEX PGSM Cards
CarddasEX Set 2 PGSM Cards
Bromide PGSM Cards
Cat Plushies
Sailormoon Doll & Costume
Sailormars Doll & Costume
Sailorvenus Doll & Costume
Sailor Luna Doll & Costume
Sailor Star Tambourine
Teletia Cellphones
Princess Harp

PGSM Books:
TV Books:
Kodansha TV Book Vol. 1
Kodansha TV Book Vol. 2
Kodansha TV Book Vol. 3
Kodansha TV Book Vol. 4
Kodansha TV Book Vol. 5
Kodansha TV Book Special Act
Kodansha TV Book Act Zero
Shogakukan TV Book Vol. 1
Shogakukan TV Book Vol. 2
Shogakukan TV Book Vol. 3
Shogakukan TV Book Vol. 4
Shogakukan TV Book Vol. 5
Shogakukan TV Book Vol. 6

Special Books:
Shogakukan Memorial Book
Visual Book (Photos)
Secret Character Dictionary
Sticker Book Vol 1
Sticker Playing Book
Complete Sticker Book
Special Act Sticker Book
Figure Maniacs Book

PGSM Manga:
Manga Vol. 1
Manga Vol. 2
Manga Vol. 3
Manga Vol. 4
Manga Vol. 5
Manga Vol. 6
Manga Vol. 7
Manga Vol. 8
Manga Vol. 9
Manga Vol. 10
Manga Vol. 11
Manga Vol. 12
Manga Short Stories Vol. 1
Manga Short Stories Vol. 2

Sailor V Manga:
Code Name Sailor V Vol. 1
Code Name Sailor V Vol. 2

Specialty Books:
Warriors of Legend

Related CDs:
Live Action Sets:
      Tokusatsu Heroine Memorial
      Toei Hero & Heroine
      TV Manga
Hama Chisaki:
      Koisuru Soldier
Kawabe Chieco:
      Be Your Girl (1st)
      Shining!/Cry Baby (2nd)
      Kizuna Iro (3rd)
      Candy Babe/Mermaid (4th)
      Sakura Kiss (5th)
      Brilliance (1st Album)
      Natsu Iro (1st)
      Ame Agari (2nd)
      Hello (3rd)
      Sotsugyou (4th)
      Ame (5th)

Related DVDs:
Alisa's Idol DVD:
      Just A Princess DVD
Sawai's Idol DVDs:
      Me and You DVDs (1st & 2nd)
      Kiss DVD (3rd)
      South Wind DVD (4th)
      Perfect Collection DVD (5th)
      Me -> You DVD (6th)
      Snow White DVD (7th)
Ayaka's Idol DVDs:
      Figure A (1st)
      Megami no Chu! (2nd)
      Masaka (3rd)

Related Books/Items:
      Moeco Photobook
      Myu Photobook (1st)
      Kiss Photobook (2nd)
      Miyuu Photobook (3rd)
      Berry Smile Photobook
      Alisa Photobook
Komatsu Ayaka
      Ayaka no Natsu (1st)
      Nicchoku (2nd)
      Summer Date (3rd)
      Sae Calendar 2005
      Azama Myuu Calendar 2005
      Azama Myuu Calendar 2006
      Komatsu Ayaka Calendar 2006
      Kikawada Masaya Calendar 2006 New