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Amazon Japan Guide

Note: For links to specific products, check out the Buying Guide.

Main Amazon Japan Page Introduction:
This section was created to aid people in buying Pretty Guardian Sailormoon and other various products from the Amazon Japan website.

Amazon Japan is very similar in layout to the US Amazon site and the Amazon Canada site. If you have used any of the other Amazon sites, you will find your way around fairly easily.

Step-By-Step Guide:
The following is a step-by-step guide to buy the DJ Moon ALbum 1 CD. Similar steps can be followed to purchase any other item.

Amazon Japan Menu Bar:
The menu bar appears at the top of every page. It has several categories from which to choose:

Amazon Japan Menu

Search Box:
Amazon Japan Search Box

Ways of finding a product:
There are two main ways of finding the product you want. The first way is easier if you are not familiar with the Japanese language.
1) Clicking on a link to the product page (See Buying Guide)
2) Searching using a Japanese word or phrase. (like, copying and pasting " セーラームーン " into the box)

Amazon Japan
(Click for Larger)

Layout of an Item Page:
This guide will use the DJ Moon Album 1 CD as a guide. At the top of the page is the product title. (You must have Japanese encoding enabled on your computer, or you will only see "mojibake" or junk letters.) **To the right, you will see a link that says "Display in English." Clicking this will change the purchase button to English and display the purchasing directions in English (the product page, however, will remain in Japanese.)**

All prices are displayed in Japanese Yen. You can convert prices here. A quick way to convert from Japanese Yen to US dollars is buy moving the decimal to the left two places. (100 yen would become US$1) The yen number listed is the product price, including tax. Don't forget that you will need to figure in shipping/importing tax costs.

Adding a Product to your Shopping cart:
Amazon Japan Shopping Cart

Once you are on a specific product page, you can add an item to your shopping cart by clicking on the yellow button with a small shopping cart on the top right of the page.
You can repeat this process for each item you wish to buy. Because shipping from Japan can be expensive, you may want to purchase more items at once in order to save on the shipping costs.

Proceed to Checkout:
After adding the final item to your cart, there should be a box on the right side of page that lists all the items in your cart. (It will display in English, provided you selected "Display this Page in English" while viewing the product) After double checking to ensure all products that are listed are the ones you want to buy, click the "proceed to checkout" button.

The next page you are brought to is the sign in page. You will need to sign up for an Amazon Japan account, even if you have an account at your local Amazon site. Enter your e-mail address, and select "I am a new customer".

The next page is for selecting your shipping address. If you do NOT live in Japan, please click on the "International (outside of Japan)" link near the top. You can now fill out the shipping information for your country.

The next page is for choosing your shipping details. You can choose "International Economy 3-4 Weeks" (slower, but cheaper) or "International Express 2-5 days" (faster, but more expensive).

The next page allows you to choose your payment options and password. The first half is to enter your credit card information. The second half is to enter your password. "Furigana" is how to pronounce Japanese names written in kanji. If you don't write your name in kanji, this does not apply to you. Simply re-type your name in the "furigana" box.

Lastly, you will confirm your order. You will be told the total cost (including shipping) and the approximate shipment arrival date (the products usually arrive much faster than the time given). Please note that some countries add on an import tax when the package arrives. Amazon has no control over this tax and does not add it to the cost. The US does not generally add this tax, but Australia and Canada do.

E-mail Updates from Amazon:
You will receive e-mail updates from Amazon about your order status or any special offers. These e-mails will be in Japanese. If you want to know what they say, you can paste them into Babelfish. If you need to talk with Amazon Japan customer service, they do have employees that speak English and can respond to English questions.